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Brick Matching
Are you interested in a custom brick match for your new or existing construction project? At Cloud Ceramics/Kansas Brick & Tile we specialize in brick matching and our brick specialists are eager to help you determine the right brick for your project.For immediate access to our sales team, SEND AN EMAIL TO with pictures of your project attached and we’ll respond with our best match suggestions. We’ll even send physical brick samples for your review!Our state-of-the-art Lingl plants provide the flexibility in patterns, color, and sizes required for even your most difficult match requests.Call or email our management/sales team today (pictured below). We look forward to working with you!


Brick Matching
brick matching for all occasions…-Aged/Antique Brick-New Construction Projects-Architectural Specifications-Existing Structures-Landscape/paver applications-Custom projects

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Brick Matching
Brick Matching

Colors shown are intended as a guide only and may vary. To ensure color accuracy call for a sample.

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